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Hi, I'm James Boyden. This is my vanity website.

If you re-arrange the letters in my name, you get “Ye James Bond”. I originally had a story at this point about how I seduced several attractive female nurses when I was just a newborn, which is why my parents exclaimed “Ye James Bond!” and gave me this name. I thought this story was HILARIOUS, but no-one else who read it realised I was joking.

I also like comparing myself to Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, although I have a slightly better haircut.

About Me

I'm a software guy turned entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia. My current business / ambition / obsession is SnapDisco, the image-processing Internet start-up that I co-founded in 2012.

When I was a software guy, I didn't know any great business guys (just lots of other software guys), so I figured “Huh, I guess I have to become the business guy.” So I went back to university to study postgrad Commerce. Contract Law was particularly interesting: It's the closest real-world equivalent to programming computers, except you're now specifying business interactions instead of bit interactions.

I'm currently pouring my heart & soul into SnapDisco as CEO-who-can-also-program. My hobbies include spending long, thankless hours in front of a computer and not sleeping enough. Sometimes I pray for the sweet release of death, but I haven't had so much luck with that yet.  (I'll keep you posted.)

When I'm not at work, here are some other fun things I occasionally like to do:

Almost Famous on the Internet

If you want to see my Patrick Bateman charisma & hand motions in action, here's a video of me being interviewed at Google Sudo by Alan Noble (Director of Engineering at Google Australia & NZ) on the topic of starting a start-up after university:

(Fast-forward to 8:21 to skip past all those other boring people who aren't me.)

James Boyden being interviewed at Google Sudo

About This Website

The primary purpose of this website is to ensure that when I (or, I guess, you) search for “James Boyden”, this information about me turns up higher in your search results than all those other James Boydens who are clearly imposters.

About You

So, why are you still here? Are you a masochist, or a breadth-first search? What is it that you hope to gain by reading this nonsense? And, perhaps most importantly, how can we find out?